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This drill begins with the cones 30m apart. Step 1. (A) runs and kicks to (B) who leads for the ball. This drill is done at 3/4 pace. Senior players should land on their kicking foot after executing the kick. Step 2. (B) marks, runs and kicks to (C) Step 3. Lengthen the distance first to 45m, then to 60m.

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15 handballing drills that you can do anytime at training. These are great for reaction, coordination and most importantly clean hands. https://www.enhancedf...


- Handball the ball into the air and above your head. - Mark the ball and repeat. - Practice hitting the ball on the point, bending your arm before impact (do not hit with a straight arm). - Ensure your thumb is on the outside of your clenched fist. DRILL PASSED - MOVE ONTO NEXT DRILL: ¨ 50 Handballs to self HANDBALLING - BEGINNER DRILLS

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One on One Football training programs are like AFL training drills because they are created and patterned by AFL accredited coaches like Raines. If you want to level up your handballing and other skills for the school or league, or need to improve your AFL game, visit the One on One Football website today at https://www.oneononefootball.com.au/ and register for our online training programs.

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This video outlines the skill of handballing in Australian Football.

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Aussie Rules, AFL Low handball drill Samples Player runs towards first ball ,picks it up and handpasses to red player 2. who replaces the ball and takes up the blue player's position at the start. The blue player continues to the 2nd ball, picks it up and handpasses to the next player and continues in this way to the

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The ball must be gripped firmly with the platform hand and hit with a clenched fist. Players should have their eyes on... The punching fist is formed by placing the thumb outside, not inside the fingers. The stance is nearly side on to allow the punching arm to swing through freely. Knees should be ...

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5 simple afl drills to keep the skills sharp. Drill 1 – Warm up drills. This is all about freestyle and building your understanding of the ball. Before you start your skills session, remember to ... Drill 2 – Kick to Triple leads. Drill 3 – On the clock 3min on 2min off. Drill 4 – 6 point kicking ...

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