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Penhold - a grip where the racket is held exactly as it sounds, with the racket handle held straight up and down. Pips-in - a rubber type whose surface is smooth yet gripping. Produces much spin and in many cases better speed. Also known as inverted rubber.

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It provides a manufacturers' indication of the blade speed and style. Generally means a medium speed blade with good control. Adding a + or - sign indicates a slightly faster or slower speed. A smooth rubber with very low surface friction, used to defend against excessive spin or to confuse the opponent.

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Rubber, Racket, or Paddle. The table tennis racket or paddle is another important piece of equipment. It is used to hit the ball back and forth on the table. The shape is similar to the one used for tennis except it is smaller and made of different materials. The racket is made of wood and rubber.

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Many terms are used in a table tennis game to describe points, fouls, etc. A list of some of the frequently used terms is given below. Heavy − Used to describe a strong spin. Blade − Wooden part of the racquet. Anti-spin − A defense spin used to confuse the opponent or even as a reaction to one strong spin. Top-level players rarely use this technique, but it is very famous among amateurs.


International Table Tennis Federation, founded 1926, is the world governing body of the sport, and its members are the table tennis Associations of more than 150 countries. Junk: Rubber that produce no spin, such as anti-spin and long-pips. Kill: A putaway shot. Ball is hit with enough speed so the opponent can not make a return. Let

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The table tennis racket is the main equipment in table tennis. A racket (also called as a “bat” in Europe, or a “paddle” in United State) composes of a blade and two rubbers on the two sides. Remember: If you a beginner in table tennis, never choose a very fast table tennis racket (too thick, too hard, or with carbon layer). The too fast racket will ruin your development stage in table tennis.

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1. Lesson 2 Equipment Needed in Table Tennis. 2. The Table. 3. •The upper surface of the table, known as the playing surface, shall be rectangular, 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, and shall lie in a horizontal plane 76cm above the floor. •The playing surface shall not include the vertical sides of the tabletop. •The playing surface may be of any material and shall yield a uniform bounce of about 23cm when a standard ball is dropped on to it from a height of 30cm.

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www.pingpong.com explains that, simply put, table tennis is the sport played while Ping-pong is a particular brand of table tennis equipment that has been accepted into common vocabulary much like ...