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Volleyball Hitting Drills and Technique

Volleyball Hitting Drills for High Contact. The purpose of this volleyball drill is to work on skills for the technique in hitting a volleyball. Players partner up. Players warm up shoulders by throwing the ball back and forth to one another. After the shoulder warm up, players start tossing the ball up to themselves and hit to each other.

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8 Fantastic Volleyball Hitting Drills And 2 Exercises ...

What are some great volleyball hitting drills? 1. Hitting Drills For The Back Row. 2. Advanced Hitting Drills. 3. Hitting Drills For One Person (Solo) Hitting Drills For The Back Row Back Row Attacks With Ball Control. For this drill, the team is split half on each side of the court. Each side starts with a player in the back middle position and a setter.

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Volleyball hitting drills - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Volleyball Hitting Drills From adjusting technique to hitting different shots to teaching players how to bring the heat, you'll find all of the hitting drills you need.

Volleyball Drills For Setters, Hitters, Liberos, Passers and ...

Volleyball Drills For Setters, Hitters, Liberos, Passers and Blockers Learn the serving, hitting, passing, spiking, setting, blocking and practice volleyball drills we do in Boot Camp classes and drills f or you to do so you can improve at home.

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Individual Champion - Rather than lines of five, make this drill for one hitter exclusively. Hitters will switch after each error. Give the individual hitters a fixed number of attempts to reach five successful swings in a row. The first individual hitter to reach five in a row wins the drill. Coaching Points: Mechanics are key to success in this drill.

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A hitter always has options, you just need to know what they are and you need to do plenty of volleyball hitting drills so you know . when to hit hard; when not to hit hard; where to hit when hitting hard and where to hit when not hitting hard; The outside hitters are called upon to terminate the ball for a point.

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To start the drill, have a group of the hitter-passers line up at the service line and put a setter at the net. A coach will initiate play by tossing balls over the net to a passer-hitter, who passes, then swings out wide, makes an approach and hits a ball from the setter.

Fun and Easy Volleyball Hitting Drill: Hitting "Survivor"

How The Drill Works: The coach will toss to the player who is in the front of the line for an outside hit. If the ball goes over and in, that player is safe and will get back in line after they shag their ball. If the ball goes out or into the net, that player is BANISHED to the other side of the net.